I have been kicking this idea around for over 40 years and finally the absolute dire nature of the situation and my perceived absence of an existing viable strategy/effort to turn this madness around has finally motivated me to build a web site around it. A more formal design is in process but until then we will provide some informally arranged, but well thot out, ideas and a few places where you can find pertinent thots and events.

To give you an idea of what this web site will be about, the first piece is a synopsis of my New Paradigm treatise followed by the treatise itself.

New Paradigm Treatise Synopsis

New Paradigm Treatise Part I: Creating the Reality We Want to Live In

New Paradigm Treatise Part II: Not Such An Outrageous Notion

New Paradigm Treatise Part III: Obsolete System

I humbly request and strongly suggest that we seriously consider the notion of creating, ourselves, the reality we would like to live in. The model that could make the current model obsolete. I doubt the folks who pretty much run the current one would be willing to do it for us. And, of course, we wouldn't want them to. Highly unlikely they would do a good job. So at some point, if we want to live in a different paradigm, we are going to have to construct it ourselves. And what could be more democratic than giving folks a choice; A choice between the current paradigm and the Paradigm we create. The assumption being that the overwhelming number of folks would choose the one we create. Why? Because we would make it Oh So Cool!

A Website for Those Seeking A Peaceful, Just, Harmonious, Sustainable, Healthy Planet and seriously interested in some Progressive, Practical, Pragmatic Thinking and Activities on How To Maybe Manifest It.