The New Paradigm Project

I want to inform you that a conference with a similar theme called “Building The New World” is happening at Radford University in Va May 28-31. Check Also check out another project aimed at creating a new system, And, since a New Paradigm is going to have to focus a lot on economics,

A Website for Those Seeking A Peaceful, Just, Harmonious, Sustainable, Healthy Planet and seriously interested in some Progressive, Practical, Pragmatic Thinking and Activities on How To Maybe Manifest It.

This is a brand new web site. 20 May 2015 I have been kicking this idea around for over 40 years and finally the absolute dire nature of the situation and my perceived absence of an existing viable strategy/effort to turn this madness around has finally motivated me to build a web site around it. A more formal design is in process but until then we will provide some informally arranged, but well thot out, ideas and a few places where you can find pertinent thots and events.

To give you an idea of what this web site will be about, the first piece is a synopsis of my New Paradigm treatise followed by the first two parts of the treatise itself. The third part is in rewrite and should be available in a week or two.

New Paradigm Treatise Synopsis

New Paradigm Treatise Part I

New Paradigm Treatise Part II